Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Classic Virus - Yellow Ferrari 400 Automatic

My radar caught this today. An interesting car collection sale from someone in Venezuela. And the collection contains a rare yellow 400. I'm unsure if it was originally delivered in yellow though ... The car is likely from 1978 and not from 1975. The tag shows it's a 400GT instead of an Automatic. So perhaps some modification has been done in the past.


Ferrari 1975 400GT 2 + 2 V12 carburetted, 6 double Weber carburettors. I have all the badges to put them on, the upholstery is completely new in leather, it has not been used, this GT brings the engine, carburettors, chassis, suspension and brakes of the Berlinettas tour de france, california and 275GTB models. USD 75,000

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