Saturday 16 May 2020

Instagram time period spots

Via this Instagram account I spotted these time period photo's made in the UK:

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 in wonderful Oro gold in Cadogen Square in London on 3rd June 1989.

Beautiful Ferrari 400 in argento silver in the sunshine in Lyall Street near Eaton Square in London on 5th May 1990. 47021 was new to George L Hacker and registered GLH1J.

Ferrari 412 Auto RHD 75447 was ordered on 22nd September 1987 and delivered in March 1988 through Ferrari Agent Lancaster Colchester, registered E466FVX in blu Chiaro with Crema interior and blue carpets. This car lived for many years in Ebury Street in Belgravia in London where these photos are taken x3 21st July 1989, x2 19th November 1988, one in the nearby Eaton Mews Garage on 12th May 1990 (35mm camera and no flash), then finally in the sunshine on 1st June 1990. The car is known to have been owned by the MacAlpine family, who also owned a silver 412 and the last UK Auto 412, these two cars wearing their plate MCA18. I saw the car again in April 1995 still with its original Lancaster Colchester number plates, then at Maranello Concessionaires in June 1995 and it appeared for sale at William Loughran. In January 1996, it had a William Loughran number plate when I bumped into it again at Maranello Concessionaires, then the car was for sale with H&H in April 2002. A friend I have kept bumping into practically from new. 1 of 51 UK RHD Ferrari 412 Autos of 63 worldwide RHD Autos. By special request of current owner @ianb2727 . RHD Ferrari 412s have always been a particular favourite of mine, and if anyone has photos of the Irish black with red Manual car new to Co Meath, please tell me as it is one of the 5 RHD cars that I am short of a photo of!! #ferrari #ferraris #ferrari412 #ferrariworld #ferrarilife

Ferrari 412 Auto RHD 63107 new to Lord Bell in April 1986, here behind Harrods on 5th November 1988. Unusual for a Ferrari 412 to be Rosso Corsa with Crema leather. This car was for sale at HROwen in January 1989 and registered 412JON for many years before going back to C342SPJ. 1 of 51 UK RHD Autos of 63 worldwide RHD

Concessionaires on 26th January 1990. 5 Ferrari 400 and 412s parked in a row, then two more out of shot on the left and two more out of shot on the right....and several more in the workshops.

Ferrari 412 Manual RHD 65819 delivered new in 1986 to Melbourne Garages in Jersey. Finished in Prugna metallic with beige interior. It’s second owner is understood to have been Mike Salmon, and when I took this photo at the Silverstone Historic Festival, it was being driven by Alexander Fyshe and had only done 10,000 miles. One of my favourite Ferrari 412s.

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