Sunday, 24 May 2020

Ferrari 400 starter motor problem - alternative solution

Finally a more technical blog. A discussion was kicked off on Facebook by someone who complained about the starter motor. Well, more about the hassle to get it replaced. Apparently it does make a difference if you have a carb version or injection. With carbs it's even more of a hassle. Also you need to enhance your wrench to reach the screws.

Interestingly a few weeks earlier another owner reported he had changed his starter motor too. But then quite a few other owners popped up in this thread. And just a week before that  I was approached by someone directly who had trouble with his starter motor when the engine was warm, meaning turning over slower and thus more difficult to start up. And he had his starter completely refurbished and the problem still manifested.

Although I don't know the exact cause for this issue, the fix for this issue is simply to get it replaced for a new modern one. Which isn't to expensive, more compact and more powerful (and half the weight).

So far I have never run into this issue myself but now I know what to do if so.

Hereby the Facebook posting with all remarks:

Apparently the preferred option is the LMS029 by WOSP in the UK:

Attention: one of the owners reported the following:

I went with the WOSP LMS029 after trying a Hi-Torque that didn't fit. There are a few variances of the LMS029 though as they changed the design after I bought mine & they didn't fit as well. WOSP have rectified this with the latest LMS029. Something to be carefull of if buying cheap old stock.

Another owner reported the following:

 had my starter motor replaced with a WOSP on my 365 the mechanic bent a spanner in 3 places and did not need to remove the carbs or exhaust manifolds . But the WOSP starter motor was catching on the flywheel when engaging. It was found that the Wosp unit needed to be serviced with grease so you may want to do this prior to instalagion

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