Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Quiz card and new photo's

On Ebay I spotted this photo which apparently is from some kind of card game.

"From a German set called Kennst Du die schnellsten Autos? (Do you know the fastest cars?). Roughly the size of a credit card. The back has specifications."

Reason for publishing is because I recognize the photo setting. It's taken from an official series. As such I wanted to look it up on the official Ferrari website, but they are no longer there. Luckily I had them collected in my archive:

This playcard is also from the same series:

I'm still surprised that every now and then I still find new (unknown) ones. Apparently many photos have been taken for various purposes, ie press photo's, brochures and books. As I did visit the official website again I discovered they have been adding a few new unknown ones (for me):

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