Sunday, 26 April 2020

Cavallino No. 2 - Ferrari 400 Automatic

One of the readers notified me about this edition being available. I was aware it's a very expensive edition and below is described why. And it's not because of the Ferrari 400 Automatic on the cover ... A copy of the article is in the download folder nevertheless, for free.

Why so rare?
No. 2’s sell for $800 to $1,000 on the open market. Why?
When we started Cavallino magazine in 1978, we didn’t want to send out a promotional piece seeking subs, so we decided to send the first copy free to everyone on our Ferrari mailing list. (We had published some Ferrari books before this.) In this way, people could actually see the new magazine.
We sent out 5,000 copies of No. 1, and we received 3,000 subscriptions in return! Happy us! As a result, we printed only 3,000 copies of No. 2. This explains why there are copies available of No. 1 (2,000 extra out there initially) but almost none of No. 2. People have kept their Cavallino collections together, so none ever break loose.

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