Saturday 8 December 2018

Ferrari 412 first ownership

This car got posted in the known FB group: (sorry, meanwhile the car is no longer listed - maybe sold already - and I suspect this one has moved into a private collection):

Another very low mileage car:

Unrivaled Ferrari 412 manual transmission with 16,200 km demonstrable.
Factory / Type F101 CL GR
Engine F101 E 010
Gear 5-speed manual transmission
Plate MO ... 412
Car built in only 303 specimens of which very few units with manual transmission.
First holder Ferrari dealership of Modena, second and only private owner for over 25 years.
Perfectly original car with demonstrable mileage, Blaupunkt car radio of the time.
Absolutely "matching numbers", engine-transmission-chassis perfectly and integrally original, as delivered by Maranello.Ready to drive, in beautiful metallic black with bright interiors in total gray leather.No work to be done, complete documentation, on-board dossier with Ferrari documents, keys and original double keys. (Price € 92.500,-)
And the license plate was partly shielded off. Turns out of one the members knew the car well and back at the time had driven it (and included his photo). Apparently this was Massimo Ponzellini's ex car, it was at least being used when he was President of BEI in Luxembourg.

In the same FB group a new photo was posted of the Jankel 4 door Ferrari 400. So when I checked again the Instagram posting I read that John Barnard ( was also a Ferrari 400 owner - I'm unsure which type, so it might be a 412:

igloo124Good to hear that it will be restored although the 400 was never a favoured Ferrari by many people. When I was with FAUK, John Barnard had one as he was designing for Ferrari F1. Wasnt amused when our FD totalled it.....

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