Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Monteverdi Sierra

What!? Yes, Monteverdi Sierra. I know this blog is dedicated to the Ferrari 400. But I will make an one-off exception for this car. And no, there is no direct linkage to this car either. Well, maybe a very little, as Mr Monteverdi was just like Mr Lamborghini not entirely happy about Ferrari and started his own company. That's as close as it gets.

Over the years this blog attracted quite a few readers on a daily basis. I also sense the majority of the  audience has a good and specific taste for aesthethics. Or else an interest for peculiar cars. I do happen to have recently purchased this car with someone else. So I figured to give it a little spotlight and share it with the wider community. Not to show off but to share the passion and hopefully to get in contact with other knowledgeable people regarding this brand and model.

The blog will be in the same fashion as this one. Be warned, the car we bought is in a terrible state and needs much attention. If you are interested you are welcome to follow our journey: monteverdisierra.blogspot.com

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