Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ferrari 400 Teatro La Scala Milano

This superb picture got posted on Instagram. And it's more unique as you would think:

Yes, it's Lapo Elkann's 400i again. But the car was parked next to Teatro La Scala in Milano.
See hereby a Google airshot of the location:

So what is special about that you might ask. Clearly it's a classy environment and as such a nice fit for the 400 and their respective owners. If you have the book by sig. Fioravanti you might understand it even better. More about this book in this blog:


The 2+2 series was destined for the grown up man who had a passion for fine Italian things and sophisticated engineering. But clearly no longer wanted to squeeze into a two-seater with an angry cat behind their back. It was Leonardo Fioravanti who was the rising star at Pininfarina and got appointed to create the new 2+2. When the new model (365GT4 2+2) was discussed with the Commendatore he cited various clients like Pietro Barilla or Herbert von Karajan, a sublime orchestral director who felt that the sound of a Ferrari V12 was a "kind of symphony" as the revs rose! As such it was concluded that the new model should be a Ferrari that you could drive to La Scala in Milan.

Pietro Barilla


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