Friday 9 February 2018

Discovery Channel - Misfit Garage - Ferrari 400

By surprise I discovered this one on Discovery:

Apparently it was an episode with a Ferrari 400i which got broadcasted on the Portugese Discovery Channel last weekend. I scrolled down a little further on their FB page and hit this posting that was published the week before, just a simple poll:

So the TV Show is called "misfit garage" and when checking I found out they have their FB as well. I found this particular posting from last year (oct 2017) and got to see a glimpse of the 400:

Judging by the photo it's a very rough 400. Also from the FB remarks I understand this episode has been broadcasted already in the Netherlands.

Further checking learned me it's broadcasted in Season 5 Episode 7:
First Aired: October 11, 2017
The garage acquires both a rare 1960 Ford Sunliner Convertible and a 1984 Ferrari 400i V12, but when the bodywork goes over budget and over schedule on the Sunliner, Thomas must flip the Ferrari to keep the build going.

And someone did put this episode on YouTube:
It's captured in small format and slightly accelerated - I think this was done to circumvent detection and deletion - but if you watch it in full mode it's still pretty visible:

Contrary to the comment above it is however not a 1984 400i but a rare 1979 carburettor version. This triggered me as there are not many carburettor versions around in the USA. And I thought I recalled seeing this car before. A quick search and I found it almost instantly:

But also this link:

From that I learned the car was potentially sold higher as the mentioned figures in the TV Show. Clearly the TV show is a bit staged (understatement). It's a pitty this classy car ended up so bad, it deserves much better.

Curious to see where this car shows up next ...

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