Monday 22 January 2018

Monaco Museum - Collection de Voitures de S.A.S le Prince de Monaco - Ferrari 400i white on white

I came across this one and frankly I was not aware there was a car museum in Monaco. But since the Prince de Monaco is a car enthusiast I should not be surprised.

This is the official website:

I'm not sure if the spotted 400i is part of his collection or if it was part of a temporary exhibition or such. In any case it's a Ferrari 400i white on white, can't be many of them. So I wonder if this is a known one? The black striping is definately a remarkable feature as well.

Update 27-1-2018: I received the following update about this car:

And when further checking this confirms my suspicion, it's this one which is residing in the Netherlands but now without the black striping:

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