Friday, 26 January 2018

Ferrari 400 parts for sale

Last week Sunday I visited this company who offered some 400 part for sale. I spotted their advert on the Dutch Marktplaats and gave them a call for an appointment. To my surprise they had also this slashed 400 bodyshell on stock. It was a 400i phase 2 with red interior and judging on the label it must have been a manul version. The complete red interior was available amongst various other parts, including 365 GT4 2+2 parts. It has their interest to sell the whole lot in one go. So if you are interested this is their website: (feel free to mention my name/blog).

As for that bodyshell, I was told this was previously owned by a collector that lived nearby Mulhouse and this car was used by Sbarro for one of his creations, see also blog:


And this blog also mentions another 365 body leftover that was used by Sbarro which went also to a Swiss collector. It might potentially be from the same collector:

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