Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Frank Monte - The Australian Private Eye - Ferrari 400

Frank Who? No, not the infamous Mafiosi:

I have to admit I had not heard about this guy either but I got triggered by a thread on Ferrarichat and figured it’s worthwhile to create a little blog about it for the records.

Actually the pictures with him in combination with the 400 are pretty cool. So here you go:

Downtown Los Angeles,August 1994.Frank Monte The Australian Private Eye With His Fiance Justin,Frank Hopes To Take Over Private Investigations In America

As for Frank, well, quite a bit of articles are written about him, here are just a few so you can Judge for yourself:


  1. Hi Erwin, I managed to get hold of a copy of his book " The Spying Game" great read and quite a few references to the car.

  2. Thanks for the lead, I will add it on my shopping list.

  3. Hi Erwin, just an update on this car, was original delivered to Perth Western Australia and shipped over to Sydney where it was owner by a holden dealer for some time, the middle history is unknown until Frank Monte bought it , shipping it to New York then LA, the car was taken back to Sydney and sold after Frank was sued by the Versace family. It was then stored in the central coast in NSW until it was bought by myself and shipped back to Perth, the car has come full circle.