Friday 7 November 2014

Norwegian Ferrari 400 for sale

I spotted this 400 Automatic for sale in Germany, clearly the price triggered me as well:

Somehow I thought I recognized the car as the pictures looked familar to me. I vaguely recalled this being advertised in the Nordics. I also noticed there was a reflector on the back which was painted black. So likely it was a car returning back from the USA. 

Thus I simply made an enquiry by email requesting more information and the VIN. The first response came quickly but the VIN request remained unanswered. So another request was made for more pictures and again the VIN. Another response came back rapidly with more "details" and the pictures. But no answer to the VIN. It also contained a poor story about his divorce and moving cross countries and selling the car below the market price. The email became very apparent to me as a scam. So time to do an image lookup. And as expected, the car showed up on another location. Interestingly it was a complete article about the 400 on a Norwegian website: (I will add it to the online section).

English translation:

This article also revealed the advertisment website. And it's still listed:

Ferrari 400 GT Automatic 1978, 33 000 km, kr 320 000,- (That translates roughly to 40k Euro).

As such I seeked contact with the Original seller and informed him about my findings. So far no reply yet. Be hereby warned that the offered car on the German website is a scam.

Update 9-11-2014: I got a response today from the Original seller and he confirmed the fraud. When I chekced the advert it was gone.

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