Friday, 14 November 2014

Michelin Tyre Information sticker - Front Window Ferrari 400 GT Automatic

On Ebay I spotted these stickers for sale. So I bought 2 of these. They might come in handy in the near future. My front window is having a large nasty milky spot. It seems now its very slowly fading away again. But it does simply need a front window replacement. I'm searching already for a while but it's hard to find a used one - preferably with a green sun shade on top. I have seen a new front window (immitation) for sale but it's without the green shade. Currently my car doesn't have the green shade but if possible I would like to obtain one. If someone has a spare, used or new, frontwindow; I'm all ears.


  1. hi there i make these i can make them to order with this green tint you want

    1. Hi, thanks for your response. What is the price?

    2. how much did you pay for this one it might be one of mine email me