Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Ferrari 400i Automatic - ex Cartier Executive car for sale

This one got posted on Facebook:

With the supporting information:

1982 400i automatic - #41625. Perhaps someone here will give her a good home - car has suffered from long time storage and will need complete recommissioning. Unknown service history and mileage - perhaps maintained at Pozzi - and Cartier executive car. Located Jutland, Denmark euro 40.000 firm. Certificat d´immatriculation from france.

I was triggered due to the fact this one was used by Cartier as an executive car. I recalled an older advert on Anamera ( I only had these photo's saved in my archive. Adding it here just for the records and the prestige brand name associated to it:

Update 7-5-2023: I spotted this Danish advert, apparently now for sale for 35k  

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