Monday 14 November 2022

For sale Ferrari 412 - VIN 82001 - one family owner

This car showed up on my radar via:

Apparently one family owned and only run 35.000 km. So I was a little curious regarding this family or the 1st owner. So I jumped to the sellers page:

And I was happy to see a photo of the warranty booklet which revealed the owning party. Which happened to be a business : Pharmaselect Gmbh in Grünwald.

Nice to see they have kept the original radio equipment with the car. The advert also revealed something I was unaware off:

"Im told this is just one of 3 cars completed in 1989 which followed a fire at the Pininfarina factory which resulted in production of this model being suspended. There were three remaining partly completed cars of which this was one."

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