Monday 12 September 2022

MOT and maintenance completed

So today I received the bill from the garage. Meaning the 400 is ready to be picked up again. The actual MOT was in fact already done a few weeks ago. It was a pass in almost one go. I knew one lightbulb was broken so I informed them about that. And that was indeed the only failing item to pass the MOT.

In fact I informed them a day later or so on how to fix that. I should have done it myself but I was simply lacking time. I was affraid they would damage the front lense. Depspite the front lense has screws they are sealed with kit as well - so don't attempt removing it as the likelihood is great you will damage it. 

As I did had a spare light housing unit on stock I could show them how these lightbulbs are fitted with these cross bars on the back. 

(see blog:

Unfortunately they read my email to late and the garage nevertheless had figured it out on how to reach them (from underneath) and get it replaced. So for the records the photo's I made:

Next to this I asked them to perform the following maintenance: 

- Oil replacement
- Oil filter replacement
- Gasfilter replacement

I supplied them with these items. I purchased a can of oil (Agip 10W60 - 20 Liters) via Ebay in Germany. Including shipping to the Netherlands this costed about € 135,- which I consider dirt cheap.

I also asked them to renew the brake fluid. They also cleaned the reservoir. And it was noticed the front brake pads required new ones. Which they replaced accordingly and the rearside was cleaned as well. So all is properly working again.

On my request they also renewed the "automatic gearbox supporting mounting rubber / bushing" Not sure how to describe it. In fact they pointed out last time it was not in a great condition, so this time around it got renewed. Sorry, no photo ...

Next they replaced the oil hoses to the oil-cooler. In fact this was something pointed out by one of the blog readers. See this blog:

Apparently they have also replaced a gashose in the trunk (0,6 meter). No idea what's that about, need to check that. I know I once replaced a gas return hose, see blog:

Next they fixed the electric power windows, which was caused by a failing relais. They also cleaned the relais housing unit and secured all the fuse fittings. The failure by the way occured on my last trip. All was working the day before I left. Luckily this was temporary fixed by bypassing the fuses with extra power wires from another source when I arrived in the evening. It was not exactly a pleasant first day trip with 30+ degrees Celcius burning on the front screen. Which brings me to the next point. 

The airco was serviced. I was actually not to bothered about the airco as it's a very old system. In the past I had it serviced and working. But thats already ages ago. See blog:

Back then it seemed to have been working temporary and very poor in my opinion. Meaning it did not got really cold. So I thought any further money would be wasted, likely the whole system needs replacement (dryer, pump, hoses, etc). But they found something wrong with some "adapters" and I  thought ok, give it a go and just throw some more money at it and let's see. So they replaced it and filled it up with 800 gram and presto:

I can't believe it, almost 12 degree Celcius. I can't wait to pick it up and feel that.

One more item that occured on the last trip and that more or less manifested on the way back home. Since we were stuck in a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge traffic jam I had to drive very slowly and I noticed this strange wobble from the left backside of the car. For a moment I thought we lost some wheelnuts so I had that checked but they were all there and tight. Also tyre pressure looked ok. Was it a driveshaft issue? Flaky shock absorbers? Later on when moving again at certains speeds it felt strange with small bumps. Most of the speeds were ok, it was more around 80 and 120 kmh when it manifested. 

They checked it and the tyres are not fully round anymore due to broken/damaged steelbelts in the tyre. I'm pretty sure this must happened on the poor Italian roads as I sensed twice a hit on the left rear side. So ultimately I think the shocks needs replacement. Something that can be done on the next round. I already informed about overhauling the koni levellers which is quite pricey. Getting replacements is even more pricey. So I can do some savings again ...

Luckily I still have a set of wheels with tyres, so I will get these on again. Coming weekend I will be picking the car up. Looking forward to that!

I'm still waiting for the guys to finish the compilation video of the last trip. Hereby a small footage of me driving by with an open window ;-)  Happy driving everyone!

Update 13-9-2022: Oops, I forgot the credits for this work. All done by

Update 1-10-2022: Earlier this week I finally collected the car from the garage and drove it back. Needless to say, it was a very pleasant drive. The left rear wheel was replaced with the spare one from the trunk. Which did happen to have a Michelin XWX tyre, so all is still identical. And better, the silly wobble is gone now. 

The brakes felt firm again with the new front brake pads and having fresh brake fluid.

I also questioned the fuel hoses that were replaced. It appears these were the ones fitted to the fuel filter in the back. Apparently these were in a poor condition and explains the gas smell in the trunk (which was present as long as I have the car). At the time I only checked the rubber fuel hoses connected the pipe to both tanks and they seemed fairly new, so I figured they had looked into this gas smell issue but unable to cure it. It never crossed my mind to deeper inspect the fuel hoses to the filter (there was no leakage or whatsoever that hinted towards a poor hose). So if you have a gas smell you definately want to consider checking and replacement.

In any case both hoses have been replaced by now. Funny that I also only noticed now that the fuel filter is actually FIAAM (not FIAMM) and I had supplied them with a UFI filter. Not a big deal obviously but only an observation

Furthermore they did not only replace the oil hose towards the sump but also both hoses to the oil cooler were done. These are however original stainless steel so I was less concerned about these becoming brittle or snapping. For now I have not worry about these for the coming years.

And last but not least, the airco is working again! So yes, it was a really nice drive back home. Next items on my list are the rear shocks and levellers. And finetuning the carbs, at least it needs to run idle slightly higher

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