Wednesday 20 April 2022

Ebay : maniglia Fiat 130 coupé, Ferrari 400, Ferrari 412, internal door handle NEW

This week I was approached by an owner who's inner doorhandle /opener was broken. A little while ago I was approached by another owner with the same defect. At that time when I checked I hit an Ebay offer by someone in Italy who had them reproduced. I bookmarked the link but by now the advert was gone. So I searched again and found the new Ebay listing:
In case the advert dissappears again, the Ebay sellers name is " brandguru67 "

Being an 130 coupe owner myself I know these are scarce and fragile items. I know some folks in the Dutch 130 scene wanted to have these reproduced as well and calculated this would cost around € 200,-  / € 225,- pending on the batch size.  So I guess the Ebay offer is a fair price but still an expensive item. But maybe worth to have a spare on stock. 

I'm not sure if the 400 has chromed/polished or brushed handle's. The 130 coupe's are at least the opposite of the 400

Maniglie interne fiat 130 coupe.
Ricostruite dal pieno, in alluminio rinforzato (nel disegno del retro, così NON si rompono più) e lucidate.
(Non sono cromate, sono praticamente identiche all'originale introvabile in zama)
Vendo il pezzo principale che si rompe. La foto mostra che montano perfettamente sia a destra che a sinistra.
La struttura, la cornice, il blocco della porta potete recuperarli dalla vettura.

New updated door handle in Aluminum with reinforced structure and polished finish. 
It wont break! Almost identical to the original made in Zama.
I made few of them. 
You have to look very very carefully to spot the chrome colour is a little bit colder than the polished...

Don't miss this parts that is impossible to find.
I sell the main part that breakes. All the other components are not included in the sale.

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