Friday 1 January 2021

Happy 2021! Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 sketch drawing

Let's make a good start for 2021. Nevertheless for 2020 it was a good 400 year though. After 7 years of intensive blogging and searching it is becoming a challenge to find and publish interesting material. As such a kinder reminder/request to everyone: I welcome any input in any format that can be shared.

In any case, some years back I bought some nice photo's from a French photographer which is mentioned in this blog:

In case you are interested, the story continued per following blog:

I bought these photo's with the rights to publish them on the Internet, meaning they can not be used to be published in a book. Clearly I know what will happen if these will be released on the Internet but that's unavoidable and honestly I don't mind either - despite I paid for them. Why would I keep it for myself only and with a potential risk they will be lost or forgotten.

So for today I will release this unique sketch photo. The start and inspiration of the 400. It is also published in the book of Sig. Fioravanti. And if you have read my blog you now know how it ended up there.

Click to enlarge:

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