Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Ferrari 400i 1983 warranty card

This German warranty booklet showed up on the Dutch marketplace. So adding it here for the records and my interest for the first owner. Apparently the car was registered on the company name, called Erich Kieserling Gmbh in Bremen. Nowadays known as EKB and specialized in container logistics. At the time of purchase the son Karsten Kieserling was in charge and I suspect it was his company car. It was delivered by Auto Becker and unfortunately the VIN is shielded off.

Update 1-1-2021 : 

The service book from your blog (30 Dec) is 46855.

46855 is now a convertible (I don’t know who did the conversion, but Lorenz & Rankl would be my guess). By 1993 it had moved to the Netherlands and it was seen at an event in 2000 but I have no current trace. I don’t think it is registered in the Netherlands any more. Registration GF-PL-41.

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