Friday 1 July 2016

Ferrari 400 APK / MOT

It's time again for the yearly MOT, as my car is older then 25 years I only have to do this every 2 years. I simply decided to use the same garage who did it last time. They know my car and last time around they did do a very good job on the additional maintenance required. At the time I only went there on advise of a friend when I was looking for a good airco specialist. Then I found out the owner was also into classis cars, see older blogs:

As my car is located a bit away from their location it did involve some logistics but it all worked out well. On arrival a nice Bentley was lined up:

The 400 was more or less MOT approved except for a silly blinking light issue (the side marker in the bumper). I had noticed already myself that occassionly it was playing up and of course this manifested as well during the MOT. The blinking light itself was also slightly detached from the bumper likely causing the problem. In any case this will now get permanently fixed. Hopefully it will last another 35 years or so. This blinking unit had to be ordered at Kroymans and was not on stock. So I had to come back again. Furthermore it did require again a pair of new windscreen wipers as they were dried out and half loose. Which is typical as they got replaced 2 years ago as well. And also a new battery was installed as it was more less in a very poor state.

During the MOT check up I could see the car underneath again and was surprised how clean it still looked (sorry, forgot to take a picture). I certainly didn't expect that after the long roadtrips I have been making. In any case, I anticipate this year I won't be making long trips, at least not using the 400, just an occassional day trip or so. As such I will get the next large maintenance job (10.000 km interval) done next year.

And the car garage also placed some nice pictures on their FB page:

Today the blinking light unit got replaced, the old one was heavily corroded and I suspect this was the culprit. The blinking light is not a Carello but a Altissimo, never heard of that one before (I'm still learning). It's easy available though as it was used on the Fiat 124 as well.

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