Friday, 2 January 2015

Mag het een Ferrari zijn : 365 GT4 2+2

I came across this book and thought it's a nice blog addition and perhaps interesting information for the VIN archivers. The pictures are taken from the Dutch book: “mag het een Ferrari zijn” (ISBN 90-6120-955-2) by “Rob de la Rive Box”. He was a known Dutch car trader. The supporting text mentions the following:

‘In November 1977 a Dutch dentist was interested in buying a used Ferrari. He was not into fixing up cars and as such I offered him this 365 GT4, chassisnumber 17703, from 1974. This car was almost as new and only had driven 56.000 km and was always maintained by a Ferrari dealer. On all the Christmas cards I receveived from him since, it was never mentioned the car did ever let him down’

Update 9-1-2015  Guess what, I just got an email with the VIN of this car 17703. The car is known and was spotted two years ago. Likely the driver is the dentist who bought it at the time:

The car was imported in the Netherlands in 1978 and had 3 owners since. On 11-04-2014 it changed owners again. I wonder where it is now. The car got sold via VSOC, what a beauty:

Update: 10-1-2015 And some additional pictures


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