Friday, 22 August 2014

Ferrari 365/400/412 Koni Load-leveler`s modification

Today Cinecars  launched another new classy video:

I did happen to meet this guy when I visited the TT Assen about two months back, see blog:

I was more or less introducted to him by the Cinecar guy who drove along with me. A very friendly and modest guy. In the past he used to be the service mechanic of mister Kroymans and his 250 GTO -  how cool is that:

This Cinecar posting triggered me to check his website (still partly under construction). It does also contain a webshop with various parts. In the Ferrari section I noticed these new modified Koni shocks for the 365/400/412:

Load leveller`s modification. We are the only supplier in europe!
Instead of the old leaking load-levellers and rare to find we offer NEW! modification shockers for Ferrari! Custom made by Suspension Centre in cooperation with Koni

Clearly I will add this company to the sidebar


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