Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Hunt part VI

The next 400 on my list was located in Germany but not to far across the border. I think it was brought to my attention by Peter as he happened to have sold his Fiat 130 to this person. I had spotted it before as it was for sale for quite some time for an interesting price of € 19.000,- I made an appointment and drove on Sunday morning to inspect the car. This 400 had been all over Europe, at least in Italy, France, UK and Germany with various owners in each location. This scared me off a bit already. There was no clear maintenance history or papers, only some MOT papers when it was UK based. From a distance the car looked nice as it was on the photographs. But on closer inspection it had various areas of attention. The car was poorly resprayed and had various spots, rust, dents and small damages. The interior definately good use a proper clean up.  Technically I was not convinced and the engine bay did not look clean and tidy either. It did had a stainless steel exhaust though and the tyres were good too. Despite my reservations I made a testdrive which felt remarkably good. The engine sounded good, handling was ok, brakes were fine, the automatic gearbox went smooth. But all in all I still was not convinced and to get it in my desired state it simply would become to much work and to expensive. Next please.


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