Friday 22 November 2013

The Hunt Part V

The next 400 on my radar was a nice brown one with carbs and automatic from 1977. It was located at a BMW dealer in Assen.  As it’s a bit of a drive for me I thought it would be better to call for an appointment. The car was still for sale but parked in a storage in Groningen, which is even further away. They were willing to transport it to their location in Assen but due to poor winter weather conditions and my short notice I decided to leave it for now and make a new appointment after my holiday leave. After my leave I planned some other visits first. When I was ready to make a new visit I called them. Unfortunately it happened the car was sold that week and they were in the middle of the paperwork and preparing shipment. It was sold to a buyer in Istanbul. Bummer! The car looked clean and interesting on the pictures. And the price seemed ok as well, If I remember correctly it was offered for € 23.500,- . It was owned by the director of the local  BWM dealer. I checked the RDW register and could see it had 5 previous owners since it was imported to the Netherlands in 2005. In my opinion not always a good sign it had so many owners in this little time. But it does not really matter anymore ... on to the next.
I found a website that archived the car in question, so hereby some pictures so you can Judge yourselve:

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