Sunday, 3 November 2013

412 spot on Gummen

I was just checking some fora I visit regularly. On the Dutch website I saw todays posting regarding a 412 which is put up for sale for a sharp price:!!&p=523738&viewfull=1#post523738

Update: I now remember this one, mostly because of the location Uitgeest. I knew there was a black one for sale for quite a while. Previously it was listed for € 39.500,- and dropped to € 37.500,-  And now it's listed for € 23.500,- 

The 412 is my least favorite, especially due to the plastic midconsole and the plastic touch buttons. Furthermore I don't fancy the rear bumper skirts which are covering the exhausts. And some other details like the steering wheel, one dial less in the midconsole, having the backside all painted in the same color. Of course this is purely personal. As for the color, I think black does look cool but the shape and lines of the car does not come out well. Therefore I'm very happy with the color settings I have. In fact it was my preferred color combination for both exterior and interior.

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