Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ferrari 400 international club meeting in Brussel

On the 14th and 15th September the European 400 club organized a meeting in Brussel. I signed up to join my first international meeting. Just in time my car maintenance was finished the week before. So this also would be my first long trip with the 400 and at the same time a good testdrive to find out if all was fine. Since my purchase I hardly had driven it. This was due to the fact the brakes required overhauling since 2 out of 4 were stuck since it has been standing still for quite a while. The last thing I wanted is to damage the brakes-calipers or it’s disc-brakes.

I decided to only join the Saturday and stay overnight at a friend in Brussel who I had not been seeing for a long while. I went together with the missus and dropped the kids at my parents in law. With a huge boot for lugage and enough space in the back I can testify this is a ideal family car.


Despite the poor weather it was a very enjoyable trip. Nearby Brussel I was overtaken by a French car. Nothing special you would say. But the guy in the back had his window fully opened and with his head and both hands out of the window he gave me two thumbs-up. How cool is that.

The meeting was very well organized – the actual report can be read here. English translation is included (below the French part):

As per tradition I made a small slideshow:


The 400 had behaved very well and proven to be a true gran turismo. I loved every mile of it.

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