Friday, 8 November 2013

The Hunt part II

On my hunt the first car I visited was a red 365 in Amsterdam. The second one was again a 365, which was located in Germany. I don’t remember the exact location but it was not to far across the border. I think it was about a 2,5h drive from my home.
Of the different models I fancy the 365 the most. I guess the small details appeals to me, like the knock-off wheels and the triple rear lights. Furthermore I had also a preference for a carb version for both the sound and the classic touch, so the 400i and 412 were lesser of my interest but clearly not out of the question.

It looked ok in the advertisement and it was on my radar already for quite a while and I noticed the price had been fluctuating.
So I made an appointment and left early on Saturday morning. It turned out to be stored at a large classic car dealer. On the pictures and from a distance the car looked ok but on close inspection
the car had many area’s of attention. At first when I looked at the back I noticed something wrong but funny enough I couldn’t figure out what . Than I noticed the bumper was missing, typical. The bumper was detached and just stored next to the car. It was completely rotted, that explains. Not a good indication for the rest of the car. When I checked the other side of the car many rusty spots were visible. Apart from that it had various scratches, a broken mirror, door rubbers teared, worn carpet, etc. As the car storage was packed with other cars it could not be driven outside but they were kind enough to start the engine. It sounded ok. Taking everything into account I decided to look further as this car would mean to much costs and investment to get it in the right shape. On to the next.



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