Monday, 4 November 2013

400 maintenance: brakes overhauling

Ok, time for a retrospective update on the maintenance. The brakes. Apparently the right front break and the left rear break were playing up and likely had some caliper pistons stuck. To get this cleared all 4 brakes were overhauled. The brakes are from the brand ATE. The front has 40 mm pistons and the rear 34 mm.

For this we required new dust covers but to find these was quite difficult. Only complete revision kits could be obtained which was Obvious the best choice. When calling around to the known specialists the average revision kit costed about 150 Euro each.  One company was so friendly to give me the name of their local supplier who were specialized in brake parts:  And they could offer me the kit for only € 65,-. Now that's a huge price difference. Meanwhile I also found out about the following website: This website is run by a Dutch enthusiast with very friendly prices. Via him I obtained 2 Original ATE rear revision kits for € 45,- each. For the front he had 2 immitation kits by the brand Seizo (unknown to me) for € 25,- each.

Also for the master brake cylinder a revision kit was obtained (via for only € 31,-

Last but not least 2 Liter of new brake fluid (DOT 3 & 4) was used. And presto, all working excellent again.

As for ATE,, I learned they have a very good online service for their classic parts. Might come in handy.


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  2. Do you have the part numbers for

    1. Hi Evo,

      Note, I ordered my revision kit at this shop:

      But I’m sure can help out as well. Just supply them with the Ferrari Part numbers (I don’t know what the ATE part nrs are):

      Caliper Repair Kit front. Ferrari part number 95691531

      Caliper repair kit rear. Ferrari part number 95691532

      Best regards,