Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Carello Fog Lights - Part II

As per older post: http://erwin400.blogspot.com/2013/10/carello-fog-lights.html

Meanwhile I have been in touch with the seller and told him what happened. I was not expected much but to my surprise he was very flexible. He offered me to refund the money if I would ship back the items. Or if I wanted to keep them he would refund me € 50,-  I choose to take the € 50,- and prayed I would find a seperate glass to fix it. I thought changes would be slim to find another decent complete pair. I also found out the part number which was printed on the glass: 02.850.700 With that number I could continue my hunt. And I found one almost immediately on Ebay. Unfortunately it was a yellow colored one. In fact two were available for 50 US dollar each. Located in Guatemala of all places.

But I simply preferred white glasses. Especially since my car has no French background or such. I got in contact with the seller, hoping he possibly would have white ones but unfortunately he didn't. I also tried other sources but without any luck. Although I did had the part number of the glass I still was clueless about the exact model name. Last week I decided to do a wild search on Ebay by going through all Carello items. Ebay presented me a global list of 2.983 items. Nice. But I did happen to find 3 perfect matches for what I was looking for. One of them was even brand new in the Original packaging. So now I do now the model name: Carello Luxor PF  The items were offered by the following company: http://www.epocacar.com I will add them to the parts section. If I remember correctly they were available for about € 140,-  As you can see they also came with the nice covers.
I'm now very curious to know which other cars were equipped with these specific fog lights? Any of you happen to know this?


Apart from this offer there was another pair for sale in Germany for a better price, which also included the covers. And today they arrived at my home. The other ones I will keep as spare, just in case. Or maybe if I find another glass I can consider to sell them ...

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