Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Hunt part XII

On Sunday I went back home and managed to squeeze in another visit in Germany which was on route. I even got ahold of someone else but they were on holiday leave. So it remained one visit only. If I remember correctly it was listed for about  22.000 Euro. And as always it looked ok on the pictures. But in reality it was a technical neglected car and with poor body work. The interior was however looking very good. What I remember most of this visit was the nice route I drove back home via A60/E42 to Belgium. I don’t recall driving that road before. Usually it’s the boring A3. In any case, here are some supporting pictures of a few findings:

Resprayed, including door rubbers:

All wheels corroded:

broken trim:

sunweather-beaten blinking lighst:

torn headlights (both sides):

resprayed in a different color gray with rust underneath:


rusty and damaged headlight housing:

dirty engine bay with lots of corroded and rusty parts:


remarkable interior in very good condition:

rear shocks require replacement

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