Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Hunt part XI

Our last visit was in Lichtenstein/Swiss. Before moving on to the next one in Swiss we decided first to have a decent lunch. Since we were very close to the Austria border we decided to get proper Schnitzel's overthere's (not to mention it's much cheaper as well). We visited a very nice village and found a nice restaurant in the centre. We placed an order and not much later we heard the hammering sounds from the kitchen. We guessed they were making fresh ones. In any case they were delicious. The next 400 is for sale at:

In fact, I noticed it's still for sale:
I was very curious to visit this one as it looked to be a very complete, Original and in pristine condition. And a very cool color setting. With only 58.000 km and 4 previous owners. The inspection revealed only very small points. Although the owner claimed it was not resprayed I had a different opinion. I could not see any sign of damage but some parts had been resprayed as far as I could Judge. See a few supporting pictures with some of my findings. Time for a test drive. The car did not start up well but once running it sounded very good. A very nice ride through the country side. The only remark I had is that the automatic gearbox did not went smooth (if my memory serves me well). Just like the previous one, the biggest downside is the import tax that has to be paid (20%). In this case, the car had little or no big items to be done but the price was significant higher. In the end I decided to skip it although I liked this one very much.

Update: Somehow it only just became apparent to me. The back side of the trunk is gray as well, instead of being black. So yes, clearly resprayed. But I can only say it has been done very well.

                                                            Jos in front of the candyshop

Extremely clean engine bay:

Wow, how beautiful is that:

missing fog lights:

Worn out door rubbers:

On this picture you can see quite well the leather has been repainted:

Original Ansa exhaust pipes:

on this picture you can see the blanc varnish sprayed (on the edge)

with toolkit:

clean interior and midconsole:

difficult to inspect but it looked ok:

Bumper bend to the chassis, likely parking incident:

leather slightly torn due to sun, only at the air ventilator box:

Rubber resprayed:

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