Sunday, 29 December 2013

400 maintenance : bonnet struts

One of the maintenance items that required attention was the replacement of the bonnet struts. The previous owner had fixed the issue with a dirty hack, which is a known one: drill a hole and put a pin into it. Cheap and effective - like it. But I preferred to have it rather fixed as it looks more decent.

I didn't expect it would be very difficult to obtain these type/size of struts. But I was wrong. Eventually I found them on Eurospares for only 191,- Euro each, excluding shipping:

Ferrari 400 GT (Coachwork) - SUPPORT Part No. 253-28-550-00
So I figured the currently solution wasn't so bad after all. But luck was on my side as my radar found this company who sells them for 25 GBP only:

Needless to say I ordered them instantly. I will add this piece of work on my todo maintenance list:

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  1. There are companies who can refill tired gas struts. Doesn't work if the dirty fix has been applied of course.