Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Hunt part VII

The next one on my list was a manual 400i. I have no idea how I came in contact with this person but someone must have informed me about it. In any case, this time it was a private seller who turned out to be a true Ferraristi. It showed the car belonged to a enthusiast. The car was very clean and technically very sound! In fact I think it was one of the best examples I have seen from all the cars I visited. So were there not any downsides? Well, to start with, it was above my budget. Then again, it was very worth while to reconsider it given the good state of the car. The car was very well resprayed. Although the black color is cool in a way it is not my preferred choice. Luckily it had a beige interior and not white or black. The leather was repainted which could have done slightly better in my opinion. The biggest downside for me was it’s a US version. Originally from France and then imported to the US and back to the Netherlands. I was informed the engine was converted and overhauled back to European standards but it still had a mileage speedo meter, US rear bumper setup, and the ugly side reflectors. It had new TRX tyres and a new Stebro stainless steel exhaust. It was also equipped with the optional dual airco setup. One of the rear lights had a severe crack but most of the 400’s I had seen had cracks with a certain degree. The car also came with a new carpet which still had to be put in. What can I say, a very interesting car. So time for a test drive. A very nice ride to say the least, everything felt rock solid. Nice revving in combination with shifting gears. Although I’m still off the opinion the automatic gearbox suites this car the best, however this test drive made me almost change my opinion. I parked this car on my whishlist and continued my hunt as I wanted to see a few more. Thanks Toon for your friendly and valuable support, much appreciated!


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