Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Hunt part VIII

The next one on my list was again a black 400i but a phase 2 with automatic. It was on my radar for a while and this one was not far away from where I live. In fact it’s the same one as listed in the top gear article:

Judging by the date it had been for sale for the past two years. The company who had it for sale was specialized in VW vans: http://www.europeancollectables.nl/

I just did a quick search and found this old website which still has it on display:

As you can see it was for sale for € 23.000 with (1)27.000 km on it. Difficult to judge the car from the few pictures. The turning lights seems not bright orange and might indicate it had been outside in the sun quite a lot.

So on a saturday afternoon I decided to make a quick tour to visit this 400 without making an appointment. On arrival it appeared nobody was around but not much later I discovered someone. The owner was on holiday and the guy told me the 400 was sold last week and exported to Czech. Although the 400i phase 2 isn’t my favourite I was interested to see it though, just bad luck. Next one please.


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