Wednesday, 18 December 2013

400 maintenance: carburetor adjustment

As a last piece of maintenance on the 400,  the adjustment of the carburetors was done. A specialist job which does require the right tools. This was done by using synchro-meters and colortune. Hereby a small video using colortune:

Unfortunately the engine still has a slight unbalance when running stationair. This is something I will take care off next year. I'm thinking of overhauling the carburetors and have them ultrasonic cleaned. In order to get the best fine tuning it should be done using a "kwik-kolom" - not sure how to translate this into English.

In any case the most importants jobs are done and the car is now in a technical good condition. I was recently informed I should also have looked into the bearings of the distribution - well, I leave that for the next round.

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