Monday, 28 October 2013

Pre-owned Ferrari 400 - Kroymans selection

Today I did came across an old Ferrari 400 advert on the Kroymans website:
A very nice example. I remember seeing it before but don’t recall the price tag. Likely it was somewhere between € 35.000 and € 40.000. Since Internet is quite a volatile medium I made a few snapshots of the pictures. Let’s add a few on todays blog update. Note the Kroymans import sticker.  To bad they removed the Original 400 automatic badge. It is equipped with the original toolkit though. A very cool Nardi steering wheel - however not original. I can’t tell what type of car radio is installed, despite having a cassette player I suspect it’s not time periode. Oh well.


  • Bouwjaar: 1977
  • KM stand: 93.500 Km.
  • Carrosserie: Coupé
  • Kleur: Blauw
  • Cilinderinhoud: 4.825 cc / 12 cilinders
  • Brandstof: Benzine
  • Vermogen: 250 kW (340 pk)
  • Transmissie: Automaat

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