Saturday, 26 October 2013

Friday 18th October 2013 - Taxation - Kroymans visit - IHWC meeting

Friday morning my Ferrari 400 did got a taxation. This was a requirement for the insureance.

Friday afternoon Jos arrived and we informed the IHWC crew about his visit. So shortly a meet up was arranged in Amsterdam at the Febo on the Olympic square. As there was enough time left we decided to drive over to Kroymans in Hilversum.

When we entered the showroom mr. Kroymans himself walked out of his office and greeted us. I told him that we were returning an old car from his collection. Basicly I was after more historic details of the previous owners. The car had been in his private collection from 1989 till 2004. To my surprise he recalled all details including the previous owner. Apparently the car was traded in on a new Ferrari Testarossa. We walked back to his office and he googled the name on his red Ferrari laptop. He found it instantly. As such I got ahold of the name of the previous owner. However it came with a sad story. The owner died a few years laters in his Ferrari Testarossa due to a crash.
Meanwhile Jos was guided by another employee and got ahold of an old Kroymans sticker from the eighties. Cool! I now can put this on the car to make the history more real.

I was very happy with this unplanned visit. I didn’t expect to meet mister Kroymans in person and getting some more historical background information and confirmation about this car. Clearly I had now to do more research but this was a great direction.

Thus now we went onto Amsterdam. Since we had plenty of time we decided to take a touristic tour via Muiden en Weesp. We arrived first and Jos treated ourselves on a nice Kroket.

Not much later Paul showed up and shortly afterwards Thomas. Even Mart drove all the way from Zeist and lastly Peter arrived as well. The latter two stayed and we went for a meal nearby Peter’s garagebox at a restaurnat called the Elsas. After a nice meal and some laughs we returned back home. Picking up the 400 at Peter’s garage box I offered him a small ride around the block. Boy, was he happy or what!

All in all a very enjoyable day.

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