Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday 19th October 2013 - Auto Moto Italia Rosmalen

During the night I got awake by some youngsters making noise in the street. I clearly heared them shouting, hey look at that car. What kind is it? A Porsche? No, it’s a Ferrari. What??!!! There is a fucking Ferrari here in this street. I can't believe it. By then I was watching outside the window seeing 4 boys circling around the car. I have to make pictures to show to my dad else he will not believe this. After taking some pictures they left and I could go back to bed.

For today we planned to go to Auto Moto Italia in Rosmalen. As we signed up for the 50 Miglia course we had to wake up early to be in time for the start at Louwmans Exclusive at the A2. Which is not to far away from my house. Typical enough I had never been there before. I fancy the building very much. I pass it every day on way to the office. Now I had the chance to look inside. It was well organized so soon we were enjoying fresh coffee and had a walk around in the showroom. There was a very nice 412 for sale as well, unfortunately in red but in perfect condition. For those interested:

Meanwhile the parking place was filled with other participants. A very nice mix of cars showed up.
It was a nice route and we enjoyed ourselves:

The exposition at Rosmalen was ok with more nice cars to see. As per tradition I made a compilation slideshow of some neat cars:

For those curious folks outhere. The music track is a newly made record by legend Giorgio Morodorer, named "the Race".

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. At the end of the day a red 365 GT4 2+2 showed up. I recognized it instantly. It happened to be the first car I visited on my hunt. It was owned by Lou Jedeloo in Amsterdam. If I remember correctly it was for sale for € 28.500. The new owners had put it on for sale again. At the moment it's still not listed on their website: Their asking price is by the way a stunning € 48.000,-. In my opinion this car requires still a bit of work. The leather interior is complete worn out and teared to start with. Being fond of originality I learned that the 365 GT4 2+2 was not available in red, so it definately had been resprayed. For that kind of money this would be a better choice:

Checked my archive and have added a picture of the car in question, for the records:

At the end of the day we returned the car in the storage space. Potentially this was the last drive this year.

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