Monday, 28 October 2013

Ferrari 400 Pouch / Wallet

I'm still on the hunt for the Original 400 manual pouch / wallet. Today another Ebay auction (UK) finished and I had good hopes. It seemed there was little attention for it and the occassional bid was still on the "low" end. But in the end someone had to ruine it and placed a steep bid. I can't believe the prices offered for these items. Ok, it does include the Original manual as well. But still. It was my understanding the 400 was the least desired Ferrari's on the market. So why the freakin high bidding. Stop it!

This is not an example on it's own, a few weeks ago a similar Ebay auction (USA) with the same high price outcome:

I have already the Original 400 manual and the other booklets. As that came with the car. So I'm only after the pouch. If you have one or know one affordable for sale I'm interested to hear from you. Some further pictures about the actual item:


  1. Hi mate I seem to have one for sale but may I just have a idea of the max you would like to spend thanks harry

  2. Thanks Harry, please contact me by email.

  3. I am looking for one too