Tuesday 29 October 2013

Hello Music Lovers

Yesterdays remark regarding the time period car radio triggered off a response. The person in question submitted me an advert about vintage Grundig car radio’s. With the purchase of the 400 I was lucky to have it equipped with the original radio. So for once I was not in desperate need or searching for a matching radio. Usually they tend to be upgraded with modern awful stereo’s which are not appropriate in my opinion. Other folks tell me they don’t need a radio as they rather listen to
the sound of the engine, so why bother. I only want it to be complete and do happen to appreciate radio’s and listening to music while driving. So, hereby the picture of the radio.


One small issue though, the brand Blaupunkt is clearly visible but the model name is missing?Strange. So I still had to do a little research in finding out which model I had. Where to start? The radio manual was missing and I did not wanted to remove the radio – as I potentially could damage something. On Internet (where else) I found the following website:

http://wegavision.pytalhost.com/blaupunkt.html containing a very nice overview of Blaupunkt catalogues for various years. Since my 400 is delivered in 1979 I had a look on that section and spotted it. It was a Heidelberg Stereo CR Super Arimat:


It was a top of the range model (I didn’t expect any different for a high-end car like this). Very cool. It does have ARI and honestly I had no idea what this meant. But now I do:


Furthermore I found the fully automatic sender search quite cool as well. I can imagine this must have been quite advanced technology in the late seventies. Not to mention the optional reverse tape winding. The Blaupunkt radio’s were awarded for their quality in the press. I got ahold of the following advert:


So what’s the story with that silly music cassette of Fausto Papetti on the picture you might ask yourself. Before I was looking into the F400 I was focussing on Maserati Indy’s. As such I got in contact with Candini as he had one for sale. Although I was only making an enquiry by email I think I ended up on their distro. I totally forgot about it and earlier this year I got an invite from them for some kind of exposition. I did not had any intention to attend but it was a nice trigger to visit them during the IHWC trip since we were staying in Modena this year. And so we did. We met both Giuseppe and Marcello and to my surprise the green Indy was still for sale. It was relocated at a different location for some minor fix. Marcello kindly freed up time for us and guided us to the other workshop. We got a tour in this workshop, which was quite impressive to say the least. As per tradition I made a small slideshow of both workshops:


Also we got to see the Indy in real life. What a beauty! Of course I went in the car to get a feel and to browse around. I noticed the radio and the music cassette in it. I was very curious about what kind of music an owner of such a car would listen to. To my surprise it was an original cassette from 1970 by Fausto Papetti. Likely this must have been in the car since. In order to memorize this I took a picture of it:


Funny enough one of the other guys took a picture of me when I made that picture. They told me they
found it remarkable I was making pictures of these unusual details.


As for Fausto Papetti, I never had heard of this bloke before.  But now I do:


Of course I listened some of his records on Youtube and could picture myself driving this Indy with the easy listening saxophone music. Priceless. As such I had to have some Original MCs. Again this turned out to be a small challenge but succeeded nevertheless.

As for the Indy it has been sold and is now put up for sale again here:

As for Candini, you can find more details here:

Oh, before I forget, if you run into the original manual of the Blaupunkt Heidelberg Stereo CR Super Arimat than please let me know.

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