Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sunday 21st October 2013 - taxation report

Today I did receive the report but was not impressed with the outcome. The inspection itself was carried out by someone advised by the insureance company. I had no experience with this so I trusted all should be fine. The inspection was purely visual, not even a small test drive or such. I wonder how you can value such a car without doing a proper technical check-up but apparantly this is the standard. I did not agree with the outcome. As such he re-checked for me. In the end he considered the car comparable with a 400 currently offered at the Gallery in Brummen and therefore kept the valuated price the same. Again I did not agree to this. I did happen to have visited that car for inspection and I was not impressed by the state of it. It had teared window rubbers, the ceiling was hanging lose and lots of other small points. I also pointed out that I did happen to met the guy at the 400 club meeting in Brussel who sold the car to the Gallery, so I knew the price it was sold for. Furthermore this car is a newer injection model while I had a carb version. After further investigations he revalued the car for a price which I agreed desirable. At least that will allow me to purchase a decent example in the same condition in case of, god forbid, a fatal incident happens. The next time I will have it done by a independant Ferrari specialist.

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