Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dutch Red Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

Today I received the following cool picture (and I welcome any other input/feedback about the 365/400/412):

With a bit of reverse engineering I found the Original website:


As stated in a earlier post, this is the first car I visited on my hunt. The car itself was originally from South Africa and was imported to the Netherlands late eighties. It was owned by a esquire in Amsterdam for quite some years and then sold to Lou. The car had a massive stack of maintenance records. Around 100.000 km the engine had been completely overhauled by www.italauto.nl I have test driven it and the car handling felt good. Also it was recently serviced and had new tyres. The interior requires much attention as both chairs were worn out and teared open. The exhaust seemed Original but likely needed replacement soon or later. The front window was also poorly glued. It did had the optional sunroof and also a very nice Original 8-track car radio - cool!

The car has also been spotted via:


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