Sunday, 27 October 2013

Car owner history

Previous postings were all retrospective. Today it's my first genuine actual live story.

This morning I checked my Linkedin updates and saw that mr. Vroklage checked  my profile. I'm unsure if this is done due to the fact I visited his Linkedin profile or because of the email I send them earlier this week. Hopefully he did got my message and is willing to provide more insight regarding the history of the 400.

To my surprise I got a Whatsapp from Arriën this afternoon. He submitted me the following remarkable picture:

I'm very happy with this as it's a nice contribution of supporting evidence. Note the Ferrari badge sticker added on the truck. As mentioned in the older posts, the previous owner did had a company called Deaval BV specialized in classic cars. It was based in Amsterdam and no longer exists. I searched on the internet but was unable to find anything. The owner was now based in a rental garage in Vinkeveen where he was restoring a truck for hobby purposes. In the same garage he still had quite a few of his motorbikes collection parked. His daily driver was a Mercedes C63 AMG and his favorite motorbike was his MV Augusta. The Ferrari was parked in another garage storage together with his remaining collection. According to the owner he still had a nice Rolls Royce which he would not sell.

At the time I announced my purchase on the Lancia Thema forum it was Arriën who recognized the car. He told me he had spotted it a few years ago nearby his parents in law - living in Loenen aan de Vecht. He had even pictures of it and of course some stories. It's a small world.

And by now I received an additional picture:

I now also remembered I made a picture of a car sticker on the back window. Unfortunately it's not a sharp picture, but it reveals their website as well:

I had it checked before but it's empty and only registered since 2005.

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