Saturday, 21 June 2014

IHWC 2014 Italy Here We Come - Day 5 report

As Holland won the football match against Spain we had put the orange mirror covers on it to celebrate this:

For today an entire day was booked for driving nice mountain routes with lots of curves and many many hairpins. We started off at lake garda which was not crowded with tourists (yet):

I just looked up the route and if I'm not mistaken we took the exit Gargnano via the SP9 to the SP113. In Persone we had small brake. (

And from there we followed the SP58 to lake Idro.

A very nice route. Find hereby a small video snapshot somewhere on the SP58

From the Idro lake we have been driving some more very nice routes via the 237 to the SS669 (monno) and via Passo della Foppa we drove back to the Stelvio. On Google maps you can have a nice view and idea about the routes we have been riding:

And back via the Stelvio - this time from the south side back to the Hotel were we stayed the first day


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