Thursday, 19 June 2014

IHWC 2014 Itally Here We Come - Day 3 report

For today a visit was planned to Autodromo di Modena. So we left the city together:

Took the autostrada

                                                                 And arrival at the circuit

        Pietro made some nice captures when driving on the circuit and made this compilation video:

And another capture by Paolo.Listnen to that sound:

After this we left to visit the Lamborghini Museum. Nearby we had to fill up again, whereby we discovered a nice compatibility item:
Without realizing Siep filled up his car at the service pump, meaning an extremly high liter price: 2,08 Euro !!!
He got offered a free official Ducati cap sponsored by Shell as some kind of compensation.
And of course I claimed a free cap as well, though I paid the normal gas price. What an outfit:
Lamborghini city arrival

Parked the car in front of the Lamborghini museum 


I was surpised about the Espada missing in the entire collection.
Pure automotive art:

And back again to the city Hotel in Bologna.

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