Monday, 16 June 2014

Autoradio Blaupunkt Heidelberg Stereo CR Super Arimat - Alle 13 goed!

If your remember this blog:

You might know I was still on the hunt for the original radio manual. I have finally got it. It was on offer on Ebay in Germany last week. And today I received it at home. I'm very pleased with it as I'm now complete on all the documentation. As you can see on the pictures it's quite a stack of equipment and not exactly a simple radio.


I even have the complete parts and repair manual with all schematics:

I now need to get some time-period music on a cassette. I have already obtained this MP3 cassette. So I can easily put digital copies on it via YouTube and play it in the car.

So, I now need to consider what would be appropiate music - next to my Fausto Papetti tapes. And I think I have found something that fits quite nicely. It was Sinterklaas evening in 1978 ( And I was all excited about the presents we would get. My dad got a record and exactly that moment got captured on camera by mom. You can see me on the left with a huge smile and missing some teeth.

This specific record is still in my possession. The release is got called "de hits van nu - alle 13 goed!" which was very popular at the time.

As I digged up the record I took the time to play it on my Weltron 2007. Isn't that a great space age player? On this YouTube capture I'm playing Jean Michel Jarre. This happens to be another record from 1978. I'm actually quite surprised my mother bought this record back than (knowing she is more into the BZN genre). And I remember it was being played in the living room at the time as well. I like this particular record very much.

So I guess I have to put both records on cassette ... watch this space.

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