Sunday 8 June 2014

Ferrari 400 Auto Italia Assen 2014

Today I have been at the event Auto Italia at the TT in Assen. By surprise I ended up with a packed car and we went with 4 persons. So the car has been used as it was made for: 2+2
I think this must have been a rare sight to see a 400 on the road with 4 adults. As I got free tickets I thought it would be another good road trip to test the car before going to Italy next week. And of course it's Always nice to see a lot of other Italian exotics parked together. On it's way we saw quite a few nice cars which were heading in the same direction. At one point there was a complete batch of fairly new Ferrari's and Lamborghini's passing by. A very nice sight and sound.
On the event itself the 400 attracted more people with an interest then I expected. When opening up the hood it even became a little crowded. Always nice to hear positive sounds about the car. A little later another identical 400 automatic carbs showed up and parked it next to mine. It was someone I touchbased upon before but never met in real life. His car also appearred to be in good shape with a very interesting light green-ish color. Very nice to see this combo together. But I liked the top gear combo also very much.

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