Wednesday, 18 June 2014

IHWC 2014 Itally Here We Come - Day 2 report

For day 2 we had to stood up early to be on time at the Stelvio to avoid potential traffic and bikers going to climb up hill. From the Hotel it's a very nice road with great sceneries. Since Pietro forgot his passport I was Lucky to drive the road twice:

And the route to the Stelvio was open:


And luckily it wasn't realy busy either. So the Climbing could begin. The 400 managed very well and to my suprise each hairpin could be made in one go as well.


Also the automatic handled it particular well. Almost at the top there was a clever photo business (, shooting pictures of everyone passing by. I ordered the following 2 pictures:

Someone was also able to make a snapshot of the Stelvio webcam with my 400 on it. Cool!

And the other picture on the top:

After a cofee break we went downhill on the other side and drove on to Bologna. Again a very cool ride with excellent views:

Unfortunately somewhere on the Autostrada we got stuck in a severe traffic jam. It was extremely hot and the airco could not coop with it.

 Nevertheless we arrived on time in Bologna and checked in at the Hotel nearby the city centre.

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