Friday, 6 June 2014

Boys driving a 400

As my car passed the MOT test I could pick it up today. And the weekend starts with great Sunny weather too. And my airco is functioning now as well. Excellent. Perfect timing to do some (test) driving. As I like to have a goal when I want to drive it I contacted Arriën for a visit. Reason being is that I still had to deliver the pair of bearrings for his 8.32 Next I know he and his kids likes Ferrari very much. When I told him about my visit his kids were apparently jumping up and down. The thought only me made me smile already. My kids don't give a toss about it. They think it's not good looking and outdated. They prefer the flashy new ones. Oh well. On my arrival the oldest was already waiting for me outside. I was told he was already up early in the morning. However he was to shy to jump onboard and ride along. The youngest though was very keen. Albeit he fell asleep after 15 minutes. It was a very nice and comfy ride on a Friday evening.



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